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Meet the Team


Erin Wolford, Director

Erin Wolford is proud to be the director of Lil’ People's Place. She has her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and Human Services from Michigan State University. She started working for the company in 1998 in our infant room. While receiving her education she continued to work with children and decided that Lil’ People's Place was where she wanted to return after graduation. She enjoys watching the children discover and grow.


Amanda Raupp, Assistant Director

Amanda Raupp has joined our LPP Administration in fall of 2016. Previously, Amanda was a Lead Teacher in a Toddler classroom where she assisted in developing new curriculum and assisted in the office. Amanda graduated from Oakland University with a Master's of Education in Early Childhood Education. She has been a perfect fit to our company and has many fresh ideas to share with our kids! Amanda loves to spend time in all the classrooms getting to know each individual child and helping them learn and explore.


Becky Miller, Office Manager

Becky Miller has been with Lil’ People's Place since 2001 as our business manager. Her jobs include everything from managing the building to interacting with the children; she really is a jack of all trades. Becky has a fun-loving personality and enjoys all aspects of her job. Her dedication to the company is an asset to our lil’ family.


Sharlene Butler, Owner

Sharlene Butler is the Owner and Manager of Lil’ People's Place.  She has a degree in Business Administration along with over twenty years of experience managing preschool learning centers in Michigan and Arizona.  She knows the importance of being available to her families and staff; yet she knows the importance of having an experienced Educational Director who is expertly trained in her field.   Sharlene believes the dual management team offers a full range of benefits enabling Lil’ People's Place to be the very best learning environment available in our community.