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About Us

Lil' People's Place has been serving the Clarkston Community since 1998. At our early education learning center, we provide an environment in which the care of the individual child is our first priority. Our goal is to provide parents with security and peace of mind by offering a consistent, loving atmosphere, where your child can explore what it means to be a child. 

Our teachers provide children with experiences designed to support developing relationships with peers, while promoting independence, confidence and desire to discover. Social skills will be reinforced by modeling respectful relationships, reading and discussing books about friendship, providing children opportunities to work in groups and teaching problem solving skills, such as conflict resolution. 

Physical skills will be developed as children explore their environment and begin to learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Outside play (weather permitting) will be combined with other physical activities and games to help support muscle development, coordination and manipulative skills. 

Positive interactions with teachers and peers will lay the foundation for children to learn how to understand their own feelings. Teachers will acknowledge children's feelings by responding promptly and consistently to children's needs, modeling cooperative behaviors, talking to children at eye level and creating spaces in the classrooms where children can work and play together. 

Above all else, it is our mission to have "healthy, happy children!"