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Lead Preschool Teacher

General Responsibility:  To manage the overall operation of the classroom.  This includes but is not limited to the following:  implement curriculum, mentor assistant teachers, develop parental rapport, ensure safety and health of children and provide consistent, positive, caring environment to children in your care.

Maintain an environment that meets licensing regulations; ratios, safety, sanitation, outdoor safety, diapering, potty training, primary caregiver requirements, discipline and evacuation.

Hour Requirements:  35-40 hours per week

Essential Classroom Functions include but are not limited to:


  • To be aware of, implement and adhere to all written policies and philosophies of Lil’ People’s Place
  • Attend staff meetings
  • Oversee the orientation and training of new staff members, under the supervision of Administration
  • Assist teachers in the classroom whenever necessary
  • Treat all staff members professionally and fairly
  • Aid Administration in the success of parent tours by greeting, introducing self, promoting the program and the classroom, and being available to answer questions


  • Know, understand and implement Lil’ People’s Place curriculum
    • Gather daily observation notes, on every child who spends time in your classroom
    • Complete assessments of each child (Preschool through Pre-K)
  • Complete required daily and weekly forms
  • Prepare neat and accurate forms for parents, distributing timely
  • Submit neat lesson plans within designated timeframe
  • Request supplies needed prior to actual event
  • To oversee the classroom arrangement, appearance, décor (current theme/season) and learning environment of the classroom


  • To oversee the general welfare, health and safety of all the children in the classroom
  • To plan, execute and participate in age appropriate activities for the social-emotional, physical, cognitive and nutritional development of children
  • To adjust the program to children with special needs
  • To treat all children of all races, religions, family background and cultures impartially and with respect and consideration
  • Provide children of both sexes the equal opportunities to take part in all activities
  • Help children deal with anger, sadness and frustration by comforting, identifying feelings and helping children us words to solve their problems
  • Mirror the behavior you expect, using manners and positive language
  • Maintain primary caregiver role for children under the age of three
    • Primary caregiver role includes but is not limited to:
      • Checking diapers every hour and changing diapers as needed
      • Holding, rocking, picking-up, carrying and playing with children at their level, which may include sitting/movement on the floor
  • Weight lifting requirements are as follows:
    • 6 weeks to 6 months – up to 20 pounds per child
    • 6 months to 12 months – up to 30 pounds per child
    • 12 months to 18 months – up to 35 pounds per child
    • 18 months to 24 months – up to 40 pounds per child
    • 24 months to 36 months – up to 45 pounds per child
  • To greet children by name upon arrival
  • To maintain simple daily reports and attendance records
    • Head count sheets must be completed accurately on a daily basis
    • Provide (Infant & Toddler) parents with daily forms
      • Record liquid intake, food consumption, and diaper changes/potty times accurately
  • To observe each child’s progress
  • Use positive approaches to help children behave constructively


  • To greet parents upon arrival
  • To professionally discuss the developmental progress of each child
  • Maintain confidentiality concerning private/personal information provided to you about a family/child
  • To be available for parents’ concerns, questions and comments
  • To form a team/work together with parents to ensure the well being of the child

General Administration

  • To participate in recommended training programs, courses and other aspects of professional growth (16 hours required)
  • To abide by confidentiality rules concerning staff wages, status, raises, or disciplinary actions
  • To alert Administration of any concerns that may arise
  • To carry out emergency procedures and drills
  • To work cooperatively with other staff members and parents
  • To assume an equal share of daily housekeeping duties
  • To be certified in CPR and First Aid
  • To think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations
  • To functioning under intense time pressure
  • Being open to working in different rooms, when asked by Administration
  • Adapting to change
  • Work as a member of the Lil’ People’s Place team to ensure continuity of curriculum and a high standard of quality of care in all classrooms in the center
  • At all times uphold the mission statement of Lil’ People’s Place

Personal Characteristics

  • Must possess a positive attitude
  • Must be reliable and trustworthy
  • Must have a warm, supportive attitude towards children
  • Must be physically and mentally capable of working with young children
  • Must be able to pass background checks
  • Must be willing to accept supervision and constructive criticism
  • Must be approachable to co-workers and parents
  • Must be a team player
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