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Parent Testimonials:

"Love, love, love the staff at LPP! Not only did my children go to daycare here, but they attended preschool and young fives as well. LPP has certified teachers who provide high quality, age appropriat e educationa l activities that allow each child to blossom at their own pace. LPP has a young fives program-wh ich not many facilities offer-and I can honestly say it helped my young twins grow as individual s while teaching them pre-academ ic skills. Because of the great start all three of my children had at LPP, they are strong learners in the public elementary school. LPP is first rate, so if you're looking for a place for your children to start out their education, look no further than here. The staff is highly qualified and ready to give your young ones a great start to their education. "

                                                                                              -Linda Vandevoort  (Clarkston School teacher)

"Lil' Peoples' Place has been a great experience for our son. The staff is caring and committed to providing a nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment, where children can grow and learn."

                                                                                                             -Dr. Erica Harding (CMG Pediatrician)

"I would highly recommend Lil' Peoples' Place to anyone looking for a preschool/daycare. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I never think twice about the care they are giving my children. They truly are about your child's well-being, growth, and development. I feel like my kids are always safe and in a happy environment when I leave them in the morning. Lil' Peoples' Place made it possible for me to go to work with a peace of mind. Thank you!"

                                                                                                  -Kristin Borgula (Clarkston School teacher)

"I have been with LPP since 1999. Initially, I signed up because they offered everything I was looking for in a day care. However, over the years, I have received so much more! First of all, their hours are very accommodating. Likewise, the program is very structured; with meal times, nap times, learning centers and play time. The caregivers are awesome and I have even used a few to baby-sit in my home since I trust them so much! Finally, the summer camp program is awesome. My kids love the activities and that they are able to reunite with kids they've known for years!"      

                                                                                                                                              -Dr. Lisa Dietz

"Cameron is having a wonderful experience at LPP. She is excited every morning to go to school and comes home often talking about the days experiences. The staff is wonderful and really caters to each and every one of her needs. It is such a huge sigh of relief to know that your child is spending the day with people who have every single one of her best interests at heart!"  

                      -Chris and Stephanie Brosky (Teachers at Clarkston High School and Troy High School)


"Our son Alec has been going to Lil Peoples' Place since he was two months old, a little more than 6 years now.  He still loves every minute, even now as he is in second grade.  The Lil Peoples' Place team has always been warm, caring and thoughtful.  They work very hard to make sure that each family and each child feels welcome and loved.  Before choosing Lil Peoples' Place, I looked long and hard (like any parent would) to find just the right environment that matched our goals of a safe, secure center with an supportive educational program.  Lil Peoples' Place is truly a step above all the local day care centers.  Not only do they teach early math, language and reading skills, but they also teach family values like being kind to others, sharing with others and help build each child's self-esteem.  Their Kindergarten program thoroughly prepared Alec to succeed in the 1st grade.  Today, our son is a smart, confident, social boy who is doing very well in elementary school, thanks to the love and support he continues to receive at Lil Peoples' Place. "   

-Heather and Mike Lossing



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